How to Create a Strong Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is the sweet spot you want to be in target consumer's mind — the unique benefits and differentiations you want them to think of when they think of you.

With an effective brand positioning strategy, you will stand out.

photo credit:  Radostina Photography  | creative direction & styling by us

photo credit: Radostina Photography | creative direction & styling by us

Here’s how are the exact steps how you find your sweet spot and create a powerful brand -


List all the factors that people care about when they are looking for your products or services. These are the Purchasing Factors. Besides the factors directly related to your products or services, remember to think about the entire purchasing experience, and other factors that contribute to this whole experience.


Create your Strategy Canvas (from Blue Ocean Strategy, modified)

  • draw two perpendicular lines, vertical and horizontal axes

  • the horizontal axis is where you list out all the Purchasing Factors you just came up with.

  • the vertical axis is a scale or level of how a factor is perceived in people’s mind


Looking at your existing offering, on this graph, mark how each Purchasing Factor is perceived. Next, connect the dots. Here’s your Current Value Curve.


List two competitors. On the same graph, draw two Competitor Value Curves.


Now, think of the current market as a whole. On the same graph, based on your knowledge of how the existing industry works and the average offering, draw the Industry Value Curves.

Here ‘s an example of what you should have —

blue ocean strategy canvas

Voia! You’ve got your Strategy Canvas, your ultimate hack to find your unique position. You should have a very clear picture of where you stand now compared to the market.

Next, let’s work on how exactly you can use this tool to build your brand that stands out in the mind of those you want to serve.

Looking at your Strategy Canvas, how can you adjust your Current Value Curve? Instead of competing with everyone else on the same Purchasing Factors, is there any unique factor that you could act on and provide?

The Four Action Framework (from Blue Ocean Strategy, modified) will help you get started.

  1. Which factor(s) can be eliminated

  2. Which factor(s) should be reduced well below the current standard?

  3. Which factor(s) should be raised well above the current standard?

  4. Which factor(s) should be create that the market has never offered?

After you’ve answered these 4 questions, you should have a new value curve.

This is exactly your sweet spot, the position that will stand out from the crowd in the mind of those who are looking for your offerings!