Stop Chasing Trends: 6 Ways to Keep Your Brand Consistent & Relevant

photo credit:  Nina Ruth Photography  | creative direction & styling by us

photo credit: Nina Ruth Photography | creative direction & styling by us

This is definitely one of the most asked questions from you brilliant, business-driven mind!

In this fast-paced world where trends come and go, how do you maintain a brand that stays on the top of people’s mind but also consistent at the same time? Especially when you’e in the creative industry, how do you keep up with trends but also maintain a cohesive brand presence?

I get it. Trends come and go so quickly nowadays! And let’s be honest, a lot of times, as soon we learn about a trend, it may already be all over magazines, blogs, Youtube, and online medias, and it’s probably going to be replaced in a couple of months. So what’s the point of chasing these trends?

Here’s the good news, my friend! You can build a brand that is both relevant and consistent. And the only reason you might be feeling lost here is because you aren’t looking close enough. But you got all the tools to make this happen!

All you got to do is look closer. Beyond trends, styles, and looks.

Like I repeated mentioned before, building a brand is more than creating logos and colors. It’s about extracting and distilling the DNA of your business, and translate it into an authentic and consistent experience. As long as you define the core of your business, your purpose and who you serve, you can build cohesive brand, one that shows professionalism which help build trust and growth.

Here are the 3 keys to build a brand that is cohesive in the long run:

1. Defined Brand Mission

Have a defined Mission. This is key to building a business, and it sets the foundation of your business. Know what you strive to do and what value your business brings to people is important to ensure that newness and changes can be made without risking losing the core of your business.

2. Defined Brand Values

Have a defined set of Brand Values that your business stick to across all operations and practices. This is very crucial especially when it comes to making pivotal decisions. Staying true to your beliefs helps you stay grounded while also empowering you to make mindful changes that align with your business, and those that are more likely to lead to opportunities for growth instead of diluting your brand.

3. Defined Brand Style

Have a defined Brand Style designed to create the experience you want people to have when interacting with your business. This Brand Style’s main purpose is to evoke the emotions you want people to consistently feel with your brand, so stick to it! Having a clear Brand Style will make it so much easier for you to create consistent visual content, because you always know what aligns with your brand and what to filter out.

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Now that you know how to stay consistent, which involves having a clear and defined Brand Strategy, let’s talk about how you can stay on top of people’s mind!

Some of you said that you’re worried about falling into the trap of becoming outdated, and that having a consistent brand may put your brand at the risk of boring your audience.

I understand why this may be a concern, but here’s the big secret - A brand doesn’t stay relevant by chasing trends. It stays relevant and continues to grow because it stays on the top of people’s mind!

Here are the 3 things you can act on, so you’re constantly on the top of people’s mind:

1. Engage

Build relationship with your audience, create the community you want to serve. We make all purchases with emotion. By consistently showing up for your people, you’ll stay on the very top of people’s mind. And by investing in cultivating relationships with your audience, you’re building trust and emotional connection, the 2 biggest factors when it comes to closing the deal!

2. Keep Finger On the Pulse

Know the people you’re serving. Focus on studying their psychographic and behaviors. Things like where they go for information, their inner desires, wants, aspirations, and values, etc. Instead of chasing the latest general trends, get to know the latest behavioral, mindset shifts in YOUR market, the particular market you are serving. By digging deep into their lifestyle and mindset, you’ll also have the power to speak and market to them effectively, in their language. The key is knowing what your people want.

3. Ask

This is such fundamental tactic that people often forget about - ask your people directly. Ask about what they want, and how they want this experience. Polls and surveys are great tools for this, and these are also great ways to engage with your people and keep your finger on the pulse. The important thing here is to hear them out, study their responses, especially any feedback that are constructive. The negative and constructive responses are the ones that will help you implement effective changes into your business.

You should see that consistence and relevance aren’t in conflict with each other, and that your brand can be both!

To stay consistent throughout time, having a defined brand strategy is key. To stay relevant, building relationships with your people is the secret.

I hope you now feel relieved from the the pressure of chasing trends. Now, go spend your energy on building an effective and meaningful brand for your people!

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