3 Crucial Elements of a Successful Launch

photo credit:  Sara Weir Photography  | creative direction & styling by us

photo credit: Sara Weir Photography | creative direction & styling by us

You’re sitting in your living room checking your inbox. Still, no order came in.

You take a deep breath, then thought about how excited you were just this morning. You remember how nervous and thrilled you felt waking up to your launch day. You were so looking forward to share with the world what you’ve been working on!!

Just a few hours ago, you announced your incredible package, an amazing giveaway, your new website, your new course, or your new product that you’ve been working on day and night, nonstop, for the last 2 months. But no one ordered yet.

You refresh your inbox again.

You keep thinking about all the hard work and hours you put in. You replay your launch announcement over and over again in your head… was there something you could’ve said differently or something else you could’ve done? You can’t figure out what went wrong...

You feel disappointed with the turnout. But more than that, you feel disappointed with yourself. You want to get out there and help people with your gift, your knowledge and your skills, but you feel helpless. Afterall, this isn’t the first time that your effort failed. You started doubting yourself… did you even make the right decision pursuing this path? Do you have what it takes? Were you too naive? 

You try to tell yourself that you need to wait it out. It’s only been a few hours, and you know you need to keep going and keep pushing. You know you need to stay positive, and you need to put on your boss lady / entrepreneur hat on. But deep down inside, you feel really sad, stressed out, and tired. You just want things to work out so bad.

I get it. Really. I know how discouraging it feels when you, once again, put all your heart and effort into a launch that completely failed on you. No order, no client, no sales.

I want you to know that all the businesses you look up to have been there! We have, too. And you’re not alone.

Now that we got it figured out, and have been consistently 2x our sales every month, we’ve been helping women entrepreneurs build their marketing strategy, sales funnels, and launches, I want to share our top tips with you to get started.

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Below are The 3 Elements of a Successful Launch:

Element #1 Get In Rhythm

Every business should be “launching” on an ongoing basis, and this applieds all types of service and product businesses. When I say “launching,” it also doesn’t mean that you have to create something new EVERY single time. Think of your launching as creating something that people will be excited about! These launches include new partnerships, website launch, new product or service launch, seasonal or holiday promotion, special product or service package through collaboration.

Launching is NOT a one-time effort, it’s the combined art of marketing and selling, and every business should be “launching” on a regular basis. Launches should not be overwhelmingly frequent, but consistent. This helps keep your audience excited and interested, and keep you on top of their mind.

Just think of your favorite brand, either in the product or service business, and answer these:

When was the last time they promoted something new? When was the last time they ran a promotion? When was the last time they had a collaboration? 

Element #2 Get Clear on The 3 P’s

When you confuse people, you lose them. Define your target audience, create a concise and clear marketing message that spells out what they need most. Click here to read about how to define your target audience, and learn about our 3’Ps in Marketing; know who your people are, their pain, and passion, speak their language, grow your tribe, and create an offer that is impossible to resist these people you’re serving! 

Element #3 Get Strategic

Know your big picture Launch Plan. We usually recommend our coaching students to give themselves 60 to 90 days for each major launch.

Here are the 6 stages of our Evergreen Launch Model:

  1. Define: Get clear and plan out on all our major and minor launches throughout the year; each launch should be feeding to the upcoming ones and are all aligned with a strategic goal.

  2. Test: Experiment with surveys and polling through all your marketing channels, and learn what people are looking for when you create or refine your launches.

  3. Create: Turn your ideas into reality but building and setting up al the tools you need leading up to the launch (i.e. launch strategy, launch platform, website, landing page, payment page, etc.)

  4. Marketing: Map out your complete marketing plan and content strategy for each launch. Your marketing plan should be a repeatable system that you can use over and over again. (Apply our “inside-out” approach to master connection-based selling)

  5. Launch: This is when you make a splash using we we call The Art of Social Selling! Stick to your marketing plan and content strategy, and show up for people whole-heartedly. Show the your passion and your amazing offer, and let people get to know you, like you, and trust you.

  6. Review: Most entrepreneurs try launching once or twice and call it quits. This is when you do a detail and strategic review of your launch, go back to Stage 2: Test, refine and repeat!!

Your Launch Plan is essentially your “online party plan”. Get people excited about this party you’re throwing, and get them to show up!

These are the 3 tactical elements behind all of our successful launches! Before your get into these tactics, don’t forget to step back and revisit your over strategy. Click here to learn how to start mapping out your big vision strategy.

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