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free 7-day instagram challenge:

build your cohesive & beautiful instagram brand in only 7 days

For 1 week, we are going to give you daily assignments to take your Instagram to the next level, so you can FINALLY build a cohesive, beautiful, and professional looking brand for your business at the end of 7 days.

want in?

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The Ultimate Instagram Guide


This is going to change how you create content completely!

With “The Ultimate Instagram Guide”, you’ll have a winning system to create all of your photos & captions, you’ll learn how to create effective Bio and how to use Stories strategically to reach your ideal customers, you’ll also get productivity tools and calendar so you have a clear direction and actionable plan to multiply your growth on Instagram.


Let’s build your Instagram brand that attracts your dream audience, convert them into your ideal customers, and free you from any social media anxiety + imposter syndrome!

Get ready to remove all uncertainty and eliminate time wasted, so you can finally get your time back and focus your energy on other things that grow your business!


 upcoming workshops & speaking engagement

June 26th, 2019: Creative Chit Chat with The Cosmos SF - PASSED

June, 2019: Finally, The 3 Key Questions That Will Turn Your Small Business Into A Powerful Brand - PASSED

June, 2019: Branding for Passion Brands & Creative Entrepreneurs - PASSED

May, 2019: Transforming Your Brand: No more confusion. Reach Your Crowd. - PASSED

May, 2019: Defining & Translating Your Brand into Visual Identity (Online) - PASSED

March, 2019: Instagram Branding Workshop (25 attendees) - PASSED

March, 2019: Instagram Intensive Branding Workshop (6 attendees only) - PASSED

February, 2019: Instagram Intensive Branding Workshop (6 attendees only) - PASSED

February, 2019: Instagram Branding Workshop - PASSED

January, 2019: Flat Lay Workshop - PASSED

December, 2018: Instagram Strategy Workshop - PASSED

December, 2018: Tablescape Workshop - PASSED 

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Past workshops


Élan Vital: fine Art Photography Masterclass

Olea & Fig x Amelia Soegijono Photography


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Our Community for the Female Passion-Preneurs

for the go-getters & action takers

The Brilliant Collective is our closed Facebook group. It is created to support a community of passionate and action-driven female entrepreneurs, freelancers, side-hustlers!

We want to provide you who are busy running your businesses additional success tools and strategies, so you can achieve the growth you expect, and build an impressive brands with clarity and confidence!!

you’ll get exclusive access to free RESOURCES TO build the toolset, mindset, and skillset you need.

If you’re looking to grow, ready to put in the work to make positive changes to your business, and connect with other brilliant self-starters and soul sisters, this is perfect for you. Come join us!


You’re about to become a community we are very proud of.

The online world is overloaded with information. The marketing and business world are filled with content that takes advantage of people’s attention and emotion to boost sales. So we decided to do something about it - as marketers and business owners,

we have a responsibility to add true value to people with intention.

Getting as many eyeballs as possible and robbing people’s attention shouldn’t be an industry standard, and it will never be ours.

We wanted to find a community of people who would care about making an impact, adding value, and growing with the utmost intention and empathy. And we found you. Welcome - We are so excited that you’re here.