Pristine Dove Grey

It is still a bit hard for me to believe that we have been engaged for more than a year now. After being together for almost a decade (sounds crazy, I know), this last year especially has flown by in the blink of an eye. A few days after the day I said yes, we started working on the house. Then there was the 10-day trip to Tokyo, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, one weekend in New York, Memorial Weekend in Maui, July 4th week to three cities in Italy, Labor Day Weekend in Pasadena, Halloween in LA, Thanksgiving in Taiwan, then back to Taiwan for another two weeks from Christmas to the first week of this even more exciting 2017. In a span of a year, these trips weren’t actually what kept us busy. You probably guess it, it was all the planning behind THE big day, coming up in… 139 days from when this post is published to be exact.

Like some people, I did not expect him to pop the question for another two to three years. Perhaps it was the timing, the convenient excuse of the both of us being too busy, or partly because of my slightly twisted subconscious feminism, blocking even the tiniest impulse of me dreaming about THE big day. Growing up, I never had the so-called dream wedding in mind or even a slight idea of what that day would be like. Funny enough, when he asked, I said yes in a heartbeat.

It all still felt like a dream, until when the actual planning started. After meeting with a few planners, I realized that this would be the perfect project for me - given my “secret” pride for my sense of style and perception of colors. The next thing I know, I am joyfully living in this deep hole of wedding shenanigans which I dug for myself. The year of 2016 flew by just like that.

Since I dropped off our Save the Date cards at the post office two weekends ago, this day is now as officially as it gets. Excited to make this announcement to our dearest friends and family, I was also a bit reluctant to let go of them, the cards I mean. The thought of these cards and envelopes, or really just papers, will eventually end up in the trash did not stop me from putting less time into designing them.

This would have sounded a bit ridiculous to the me before the winter of 2015, but I found myself enjoying getting lost in designing, mixing and matching the different shades of grey for these cards. The curation of the vintage stamps and the process of using the wax seal, needless to say, fascinated me, which still seems a tad big ironic as I am writing this post.

Now thinking back, interestingly enough, we, or maybe I, picked the colors dove grey and and white for our big day almost as quickly as I said yes. Grey, a neutral color that is typically associated with emotionless or sometimes moody, has exactly the cool, the balance, the timelessness, and the elegance I wanted, not only for our big day but also for every single day after that. In terms of style, clean simple illustration with watercolor seemed perfect - effortless and organic. As a true believer in accessorizing, the tarnish gold wax seals, vintage stamps, and calligraphy addressing just seemed to be the obvious choices for a modern, sophisticated event.

I will continue to keep you all posted on all the personally curated details of our big day - my so-called dream wedding that was never in my dream.