From 20 Somethings to Almost 30

Nearly five years ago, excited to leave school work behind, I was thrilled to move to California, to explore the possibilities beyond school, to finally live the life of a young, carefree college grad, one that is completely up to me. A little spoiled, I got to live the way I wanted and how I wanted. I admit, I probably fell under 80 percent of the millennial stereotype - not making much effort to take on any adulthood responsibilities, secretly setting the resolution to try out all the critically acclaimed restaurants in the city, living my life semi-publicly through social media…

Besides all that, like many of my fellow shopping and style enthusiasts, I was also on a full expedition to explore the possibilities in the domain of fast fashion. My then personal/fashion blog, Monkeyshines, which I created since my last year of college, was basically my second full time job. Going through about 400 fashion-related posts and articles was part of my daily routine, and I spent the rest of my time shopping online and planning for my #ootds for my readers. The blog kept me going, pushing me to absorb as much fashion knowledge as I could and making sure that I am always staying on top of THE latest trends.

All these seemed to have changed. Starting from a little more than a year ago, I  realized that I was slowly deviating from this routine and losing this drive which I had lived with for almost four years. Perhaps it was because of my sudden realization of me entering the late 20s or perhaps it was our engagement,the joy of sharing my #ootd photos on Instagram, the thrill of receiving and opening at least two package every week, the excitement of working with yet another independent fashionable online boutique, all fading away. I was distracted. Distracted by my surroundings. I became more aware of everything around me, began seeing the tiny little details that I never noticed. From the damp leaves right beneath my worn "running errand" booties, the bare twigs and branches right above my head, the climbing vines and moss on an old broken wall, the guy sitting on the bench reading newspaper at his go-to spot just like every other morning, and even this one leaf that is sticked to my car window after the rain… the list goes on.

My lifestyle seems to have shifted, so have my priorities.

I finally made the decision to stop blogging on Monkeyshines, the platform that opened the doors of creativity for me, (the gal that studied engineering and business at school.) Since then, I have been spending my personal time admiring and capturing all the bits and pieces that intrigued me in my everyday life. The world, or the one source of creativity which I had consistently missed during my days of reading strictly fashion publications, seemed to have gone through a facelift to me. All the seemingly ordinary little things that surround us and the streams of inspiration that they share - just waiting for me to document and share them in this scrapbook of mine, Carbon Concept.

That said, getting ready in the morning still gives me my required daily dose of caffeine (and the literal one of course) to start my day. And as a fan of fashion and styling, I still very much enjoy that one Sunday afternoon of the month when I bury myself in a pile of fashion magazines that I have been meaning to catch up on, and feel overjoyed when I find MY trendy pieces underneath piles and piles of clothes during my occasional visits to the fast-fashion giant ZARA. Feeling more creative, I now get to incorporate elements from all sorts of directions into the process of putting together my outfits, focusing on the idea generation instead of the curation of the trendiest pieces every week.

Hope you will #enjoythelittlethings with me here at Carbon Concept.

p.s. I am currently wearing an outfit inspired by a set of living room display which I stumbled upon at an interior design boutique.