For the Lazy Greenery Lovers Like me

I’ve never been especially into flowers, and I can probably only name a handful of flowers. I also got commitment issues when it comes to taking care of plants and keeping the blooms fresh. And when it comes to decorating our home, I’ve always tried to focus on the small decorative objects, pillows, photos or artwork, staying away from the responsibility of caring any potted plant or flower bouquet.

Then this whole wave of succulent trend took over the world. Succulents not only became furniture showrooms' and interior publications' favorite accessories, they have also been many retailers' and restaurants' go-to decor. It was then I realized how much I love the feel of having a touch of greenery in any space where I am situated. The plants really do work their magic exactly like what all decor and design magazines say, bringing any space to life. So simple, minimal yet refreshing.

As much as I want to catch on this wave and join the trend, let’s be honest here, my lazy self would never be able to live up to being a succulent carer. You might be wondering - who can’t take of succulents, such easy, low maintenance plants? Well, me. For some reason, I either overwater or underwater them. And for the one time when I actually seemed to finally manage the water level right, then there was that whole issue with the sunlight. Long story short, none of my five succulents made it.

Then I found the answer to my dying indoor plant problem - freeze-dried plants. I started off with a boxwood tree plant, aloe vera, then lavender bunch for our living room and dining room, and a monstera leaf for the family room. I just love how these neutral and organic elements bring a serene vibe to our home, to me.

My recent favorite routine is catching a glimpse of our latest addition, a vase of the sprawling eucalyptus at the stairway, on my way to make my cup of earl grey tea or matcha every morning. Feeling more invigorated, I just can’t help but feel that I am #startingthedayright.