That Guilty Pleasure of Mine

Fries and chips are my two all-time comfort food. These are my go-to snacks after a long stressful day, during my moody times, the one night after already committing to several days of healthy diet, and movie nights of course. I could literally have them any time if it wasn’t for my effort in keeping up the healthy lifestyle which I’ve been try to adapt and maintain from my fit mom who swears by Pilates and most things organic.

I don’t know enough about psychology or how the brain and palate are connected and function to explain these cravings, but a couple strings of crispy fries or several pieces of thick-cut chips just do the tricks. For me, they seem to be the magical cure. Fries and chips, or my “happy pills”, just make a delightful afternoon picnic, festive backyard BBQ, laid-back wine night that much better.

As per my effort in living healthier and consume simpler food during the week, I had been on a hunt for a healthier snack that would be somewhat of a substitute to my constant craving for deep fried potatoes in any form. And I found my game changer - these baked fries that my dear friend Christine, also an avid fan of fries, recommended me to try.

Alexia's Organic Baked Fries are hands-down the best baked fries I’ve had. After 20 minutes at 425F in the oven, they get just the right amount of crunch. When feeling a bit more adventurous, I would also drizzle them with some olive oil, coconut oil, or truffle oil. And if I want to get a little fancier, especially on my date night with pinot noir, I would sprinkle a handful of shredded smoked gouda, parmesan, or swiss cheese with a teaspoon of parsley, rosemary, paprika, or garlic powder.

Perhaps it’s the combination of both the guilt and the pleasure of eating them that I just can’t let go of, I don’t think that I will ever find the one perfect replacement for those fries fresh out of a deep fryer. And now I think of it, even my Pilates guru mom, who has been living up to the ultimate healthy lifestyle, needs that one piece of 85 percent Vinchi chocolate after her meals.

Here’s what I decided to tell myself when I need to have my fries and chips:  Occasional indulgence is also key to elevating the quality of a well-rounded lifestyle, one that attends to both mental and physical health, right?