Pouring Rain

I love waking up hearing the sound of raindrops. Not just the sound of drizzles, but the concise and consistent droplets of the heavy rain pouring down. The rain is like a musician at this one-man show, striking the roof with such persistence and confidence, creating every single note of this score of music with such self-reassurance on this vast stage of its own. 

On a rainy day like this, just like most people, we like to stay in, spending the day enjoying our moments inside the house, this space of our own. After getting out of bed, he would start making our morning coffee, espresso or pour over, whichever that seems perfect to start that day. On the other end of the kitchen counter, I would be making the cliche avocado toasts for breakfast while trying my best to manage the two not-so-good-looking sunny side ups, which occasionally turns into scrambled eggs. I would then spend the next 10 minutes going around the house, getting all sorts of props for plating and tabletop setting for my first Instagram photo of of the day. Having taken the photo of the day, I flip through my magazines next to him while he catches up on ESPN and Tech Crunch, nibbling on our breakfast and appreciating the sounds that surround us.

Sitting on the lounger next to the window as I am writing this post, I am loving every moment of my afternoon as I watch the droplets kissing the window pane and sliding away. Sort of like an unforgettable encounter, short and sweet. On the other side of this layer of droplets, this view which I get to appreciate everyday now has become a painting of blurred lines with a tint of grey. Mysterious, romantic and calming.

The soothing white noise of the rain helps me think, allowing me to reflect in this cocoon of serenity. It slows down my thoughts, clearing the noise, the distractions, the truly trivial things that have kept me occupied. It helps create the comforting space I need to elicit my thoughts, to enjoy the presence, allowing me to fully experience such a simple yet impeccable moment of a seemingly ordinary afternoon.