Grease My Skin has Been Loving

I think this all started from that one Monday night a few months ago. After putting on my mismatched PJs and fuzzy socks, I was doing my nightly 15-minute check-ins and scrolling through any new posts from the fashion influencers whom I follow on social media. I stumbled upon on one of Chriselle Lim’s Fashion Week vlogs. Starting to feel the sleepiness creeped up on me, I still decided to click on the video, skipped a few frames using the progress bar in the hopes that I would get something of value from “skimming”, or more just skipping, through this video. Then I randomly got to the five-second interview with the blog Bag Snob’s Tina Craig, who apparently has the best skin accordingly to Chriselle. There she revealed that avocado oil has been her holy grail. Yes, it literally only took Tina five seconds to convince me to set off on this excursion to find the right natural oil for my skin routine. Guess this is the power of social media influencers, am I right?

As some of my friends know, I am not a great cook, not even close to a good enough cook. I never enjoyed the process of prepping and cooking or even grocery shopping. However, as a food enthusiast, I do appreciate having friends who are amazing cooks and eating out, of course. Hitting the grocery stores and cooking are simply means to eating healthier during the weekdays, before the weekend when I get to indulge myself. Trying to be as efficient as possible, I usually try to keep my Thursday grocery run under 15 minutes.  And on the few productive days, when I am done with this one errand, which I had been dreading since the start of the week, under 10 minutes, I would feel this slight satisfaction, as if I just beat the highest score in some sort of imaginary game.

After I set my mind on searching for THE natural oil, not for cooking but for my skin routine of course, I just couldn’t wait until grocery Thursday. I  went the store closest to home the next day. Hustled to the aisle with the label “cooking” oil, I got my hands on the most “organic looking” avocado oil and coconut oil.

This was probably the one trip to the grocery store that I actually enjoyed,  but the one time when I forgot to buy any grocery for the week.

After I got home, I quickly took off my day-long makeup, washed my face, went through the typical toner, moisturizer stuff, and then applied a tiny drop of avocado oil over my face. It felt a bit greasy at first, but the oil was soon absorbed into my skin. I was actually a bit worried about how my skin would react to this layer of grease on my face, and the problems of clogged pores and acne. With the hope that this is a natural, organic oil, I decided to still give it a try and continued with this new routine.

After about a week, I noticed that my skin became the clearest it has every been and also got a slight silky tone every morning.

Ecstatic with the results from my experiment with avocado oil, I then went ahead and purchased a jar of coconut oil as body moisturizer and hair masks as recommended by my sister. I applied the oil to my hair the night before I plan on washing my hair in the morning, and also all over my body before going to bed every night. I love the sweet smell of coconut oil and would drench in it the whole day if I could, though this feeling of falling asleep in desserts might take some getting used to for some people. Just like with avocado oil, I have be loving the results since. My hair has been way smoother but still holds volume just the way I like it, and I finally got to say bye to my occasional winter chapped hands.

The next time when you are at your go-to grocery store, perhaps stroll to the Cooking Oil aisle and grab a bottle of natural cold-pressed oil for your skin. And if you don’t enjoy it as much as I do, you can always use them for some delicious pasta, your famous cookies, or whatever it is that you cook.

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