A Leap of Faith

It’s my turn now, to take a leap of faith.

As my dear friend Wynee mentioned the other day, there seem to be these invisible deadlines and expectation casted on us, by either the society or ourselves. Most of us live by this guideline unknowingly everyday, and at a certain point, some of us started questioning the true value of this path, and whether it is the one we were meant to follow.

Growing up, I had always "aspired" to climb the corporate ladder, dreaming of becoming a senior executive amongst top management at a reputable organization. I followed this "should" path that I expected and envisioned, delving into areas of study during school to reassure my abilities to myself, to the society and to the system.

This dream had taken a turn in the last few years. And my internal struggle became more conspicuous as I dabbled from styling, merchandising, calligraphy to wedding planning during my personal time.

At this point in time, I surely am still far from figuring it all out, but I do know that continuing to work in the traditional corporate world just does not seem to align with my priorities.

I’ve decided that it is that time to take a leap of faith, leaving my current job, stop doing the things I am already familiar with, and forgoing the pressure that I’ve imposed on myself for reasons that I still can’t seem to pinpoint and decipher. While there are sacrifices to be made, I feel more optimistic, hopeful and excited than ever to start fresh and explore this domain that is utterly new and fascinating to me.