Truffle Gouda

Truffle Gouda, my current favorite cheese.

I realize that I can be quite flaky and capricious when it comes to choices of cheese. My picks went from brie, smoked Gouda, Swiss, and then Asiago for a little while. I like nibbling on them while I sip my coffee, tea, or wine. I like how the flavors are subtle to begin with, and that the creaminess remains and lingers. I  also enjoy how the layers of flavors change with the drinks I am pairing with. It seems quite amusing that I, one who had been ordering hamburgers without cheese, for more than twenty years, fell in love with cheese just five years ago after meeting my cheese lover friend Kristen who introduced me to the fascinating world of cheese.

Now that I think of it, there are a lot of things that enrapture me now, such as red wine, spicy food, and black coffee, which I certainly did not appreciate a few years back. As an ex-professional mall hiker, if there is such a thing, I also have been enjoying the occasional hikes in the morning since I moved to California. And of course, writing down the bits and pieces of my thoughts here on Carbon Concept has become my recent favorite thing to do during my “me time”. On the other hand, Twix, egg benedict, chocolate-flavor anything, and shopping at the mall, surprisingly, don’t seem to give me the same gratification anymore.

Although these are merely changes on personal interests and food preferences, It’s interesting when I think through the possible reasons behind these changes. Whether they were due to influences by the people whom I have been physically around in the last few years, or simply from my personal transition over time. Either way, I like knowing all the random things I love and also the whys behind such fervor. Along with my personal values, strengths and weaknesses, perhaps these specific interests and preferences of mine could also count toward my ongoing effort in remaining mindfully self-aware, especially if it helps ensuring that I do my very best to create my "me time" everyday to enjoy them.