All-time Favorites

There are several small moments that I look forward to in my everyday life, and some may seem quite silly as they are generally considered fairly mundane and ordinary. However, it is these snippets of enjoyment that give me the feel-good fuel everyday. Here is a list of my favorite moments of my typical day.

  • First and foremost, it is my favorite morning routine of going through that process of generating my “creative mess” when getting ready in the morning, from finding my focal inspiration, sifting through my closet, layering various garments, and repeat..
  • After a long day at work, a full day of exploring and traveling, or a night out, it is the best feeling to take off my day-long makeup. As the grease and dust are washed off from my face, it feels that I am also getting rid of the trivial thoughts that have been keeping my mind busy, the ones that are deterring me from staying focused on the things that truly matter. In these few minutes, I try to mentally sort through the tedious tasks and thoughts, cross them off, and make mental space for the meaningful things that I look forward to.
  • Having my first cup of coffee, as I am sure many would agree, is a must for me every morning. It used to be more of a mental addiction, feeling that I would not be able to get through my day without caffeine. Luckily, surrounded by a few coffee enthusiasts, I started learning more about coffee and appreciating the depths and layers of flavors. I now find it even more delightful to lose track of time when sipping my coffee and enjoying my surroundings.
  • Heading to a new place or experiencing something new is always invigorating. I try not to repeat doing the things I know for sure that I dislike, but I find it exciting to try new things that I am not so comfortable with. Besides being able to say that there IS really that first time for most things, I might be pleasantly surprised of how much I end up enjoying certain activities or experiences.
  • After any trip, long or short, falling asleep in our bed is one of the most comforting things for me. I love being embraced by the heather grey flax linen sheet that I am so familiar with, the one that indulges me in that feeling closest to home, the one that share our excitement and sadness at the end of everyday.
  • I relish driving and surrounding myself with my favorite podcasts, especially when I get to immerse myself in streams of thoughts of my own on specific topics and discussions that intrigue me. Even if it is only a drive as short as 10 minutes, the thrill of being inspired and the eagerness to share my thoughts and ideas with him over dinner give me butterflies in my stomach.
  • Staying in on a rainy day gives me my favorite “me time”. The quietness at home and the sound of rain create the perfect surrounding for me to read, to jot down any ideas, and to clear the space for me to fill in any new meaningful thoughts.

Reflecting on these simple moments that I appreciate everyday and feeling gratified as I am going through these bullet points, I now am also curious of how this shortlist will evolve in a few months or years down the line.