Step-Hem, Ruffles, Frayed Fringes

As some of my ex-coworkers may remember, dress code in the corporate world was a concern of mine, ever since the very first day at my first job. I was certainly not shy about expressing it, though I’m not exactly sure how I managed to pull off that ridiculous question, especially given that it was during the first Q&A session that us newbies had with the CEO.

Now that I’ve joined the more creative industry, I am definitely enjoying the perk of being able to wear jeans, my all-time favorite garments, whenever and however I want.

My recent favorite styles are the comfy straight-leg and mini-flare jeans. Below are a few of my go-to pairs this season: my step-hem, frayed, and ruffle jeans.

Step-hem - I love the uneven lengths, along with the spray paints, giving any outfit that perfect effortless vibe.

Ruffle - This pair has the perfect balance between the casualness of denim and the feminine, sophistication of classic ruffles. Unlike most denim that tend to present that casual-cool vibe, this is my go-to piece when I feel like putting on a pair of jeans that would dress up my simple t-shirt.

Frayed - Because of the length and the exaggerated unfinished hem, I like pairing this pair with any of my ankle boots. The wider leg also makes it my comfy travel jeans.

I can now finally live by this motto: when in doubt, wear jeans!