#FinalLeeSF All About Lettering

Based off of the master mood board, a few details from our reception is as seen below. 

To add a personal touch, I wrote all the mirror and photo frame signage, hand-torn menus and place cards. I had to repaint most of the mirrors and photo frames to make sure that the metallic colors are somewhat consistent, showing that tarnish look. And for all the paper goods for the day of, I applied the same style as the our save-the-date and invitation.

For the place cards, I used thin gold ribbons and hemp strings to indicate each guest's choice of entrée.


To echo our overall organic, greenery theme, besides food and drinks, I named the tables with different types of herb instead of numbers.

Since the traditional romantic vintage faire isn't really our thing, I mixed the organic floral and greenery design and the more traditional scripted place cards with several more modern elements, such as acrylics, mirrors, geometric votive holders, goblets with minimal etching, simple stoneware, and sleek black matte flatware. 

To me personally, it is showcasing and telling our story through this mixing and matching of the different traditional categories of design styles that made it fun!

Next, I am going to share specifically the guest favors - believe it or not, 100% his idea!