#FinalLeeSF From the Very Start

I couldn't be happier with how our day went! It was "very us" to say the least - from him cracking his voice when saying "I do", both of our vows referencing his avid passion for ESPN and my excessive random Instagram photos, our Nae Nae first dance, to my parents literally rocking their dance moves all night long, and of course, having the best wedding party ever along with everyone we love right by our side that night - all just so perfect for me.

Let's now go back to how this entire design was first conceptualized, and how I translated my vision into this day.

I first picked a photo (the one on the right below), not necessarily wedding related, that radiates the feeling of joy and comfort, or as he phrased it, one that simply carries good vibes. Using this photo, I came up with a mood board that not only showcase the color palette but the overall feel and mood. In contrary to what most people have in mind, the images that compose the mood board do not have to be wedding related. Personally, I prefer to use mainly non-wedding related pictures for my collage to ensure that my ideas and vision are not restrained by production that has already been done by others. After all, you can literally translate any picture, from a scenery photography, a page of a fashion magazine, to a section of a furniture catalog, into an event design proposal.

After reviewing and tweaking my mood board for over 3 weeks, I then moved onto my design proposal, essentially a detailed idea board. With this detailed proposal, I was able to better visualize and decide on our attire, wedding party's accessories, decor and stationery, further ensuring that all elements are cohesive aesthetically while also speaking our personality, both individually and as a couple.

In the last year and a half, there were nearly 50 revisions on this design deck, some due to rental items costs or dimensions, and some due to changes in preferences or procurement of decor. While I am still waiting on the detailed decor and venue shots taken by our photographers and viedographers, I will soon share some of the behind-the-scene photos of the details that I worked on in the last several months!

Stay tuned.