The Perfect Blend #FinalLeeSF

This was probably one of the more exciting parts for him - the guest favors.

Since he has been a home barista every morning for the past 3 years, we wanted to add coffee to our day as a HIS element.

Initially, I considered using coffee beans as decor, spreading them evenly on a tray for place cards. However, I was a bit concerned with the coffee scent indoors over time plus he had come up with an even better idea for the seating chart (sharing soon!), cold brew handpicked and packaged by him seems to be a wonderful idea, especially for guests for the day after! 

For the grounds, he experimented with the grind size (fineness / coarseness) to reach consistent extraction that gives a nice, smooth taste pleasing to most people.

For packaging, he was searching for filters that can hold ground coffee in the bag with the least amount of grounds sifting through.

As you might have guessed it, the finer the  grind, the more prominent the brew tasted, but the harder it was to filter the grounds cleanly. He went through trial and error using different grades of cheesecloth and tinkered with the grind texture and sizes. 

He also wanted to make sure that this would be a 1-step brewing process for our guests, and that the packaging can be used as a filter.

Taste, practicality and convenience were all key to him. My only input here, however, is obviously the packaging. As long as the filter works aesthetically, I am all good.

I spent sometime mulling over the brewing instructions since I did not want a commercial looking card or note. After several iterations of a few different methods for presentation, I went with the custom-made 2" x 3" stamp - nice looking, not so "DIY-y" while retaining that crafty feel like all of our day-of decor. 

And as my friends already know, I love recording and editing random lifestyle videos. I decided to add the following how-to video also to our stamped instruction, just for fun. Enjoy.