A Not So Cliché July 4th

Since I won't get to do July 4th BBQ this year, I came up with my imaginary set up and design for a July 4th gathering! Hopefully I will actually get to turn this into an actual party next year. 

For the following design, I focused mainly on layering more polished details while still maintaining  the festive atmosphere of this holiday. As shown below, I mixed a few different patterns with the 3 key colors - red, blue and white, along with the more rustic elements such as distressed wood and galvanized metals. For picnics, checkered linens are the staples, however, I picked the red checkered linens only for napkins instead of the table drape so that the bold red color doesn't overwhelm the overall tablescape.  For this big day, I also picked oak leaves and white roses since these are the national plants and flowers to fancy up this party a bit. For glassware, since this is a more casual setting, I selected the stemless glassware, again with mixed patterns and etching, plus the wooden rustic flatware that are perfect for BBQ. Lastly, I had to add this brilliant idea I found from Tow Shades of Pink -  bandanas and hemp strings to wrapped guest favor or desserts; an adorable, fashionable addition to the party!