One Week

We are now officially a week from our big day! I've been working on a few wedding design and detail posts to be shared after next weekend.

Thinking back, this year long project which we've been working on together is probably my favorite personal project of all time. And let's be real, I do have a history of spending a lot of time on random side projects.

Though it has been a busy year, from decor design, vintage shop hunting, to planning all the logistical details, I truly enjoyed every minute of it. It still seems weird saying this out loud as I had somewhat resisted imagining and dealing with this whole wedding shenanigan, let alone dove right in and enjoyed it.

With his help, we now really only have one or two small tasks left on our to-do list. For the last two weekends,  we've been taking the time to relax and spending some quality time with wine and movies. Contrary to what I and many friends expected, I have not yet feel the stress, but excitement of course. I'm not sure if it is because of all the planning we did in advance, the new morning yoga routine I started a month ago, thanks to Jess,  the daily check-in call with Terrie, or that one cup of herbal tea from Wynee every morning, something is working. 

Sitting in our dining room now, listening to the party playlist he put together for our day, soon heading out to enjoy the breezy, pleasant weather, I feel excited just imagining all the fun stuff coming together and seeing everyone very soon.

I should also say that I already can't wait to start on my next mood board for whoever that are tying the knot next!