Make Colors Sing

When you find most of the photos you like on Instagram are more of the modern, minimal style, your go-to colors are probably classic black, white and earthy tones. But what if you are feeling festive and wanting some fresh, bold colors for your birthday, your milestone celebration, or just because? I'm totally with you, and I feel the same about my wardrobe - once in a while, I enjoy layering vibrant, surprising colors with my everyday neutral pieces. 

I wanted to style something fun, rich and muticolored for an intimate birthday party or shower. Here is my take on a contrasting blue-orange palette. To channel the calm, intimate and inviting atmosphere, I added complementary yellow and grey into the palette to soften the contrast. The handmade ceramics and cast iron silverware also imply humble, craft design, neutralizing the loud, flaming blue-orange palette.


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