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I am so grateful to Olea & Fig / Annie for her help with my personal brand shoot. I have to admit, initially I was not convinced how she could help me with my branding but I was pleasantly surprised. After our first meeting, I was impressed how she had a clear vision of how to promote my business on a personal individual level. As a entrepreneur and a designer, it was hard for me to see the importance of my personal image outside the language of the product brand & image. During the shoot, Annie was extremely organized and made the day go so smoothly. I was incredibly impressed by the overall presentation and creative direction she provided, it was beyond my expectations. (I have worked with many creative directors who do not have the skill set to execute direction with finesse.) I highly recommend her to provide insight on how to improve your Branding Direction & Visual Style. 


- Angie Chang / Chairs + Cups


I love working with Olea & Fig on my brand shoot. You really helped me get a clear idea on the imagery I needed and guided the stylistic direction of the shoot so perfectly. Everything went so smoothly and I was so in love with the photos at the end, and I know it was completely down to your overall vision and styling on the day as planned. Thank you so much for all your hard work!


- Alice Beasley / Alice Beasley Flowers


Where do I start with these two beautiful souls… Annie & Terrie. I had the most wonderful time dreaming and planning my new brand shoot with Annie & Terrie. These two beautiful humans gave me the direction I required for my much needed brand revival.

They Skyped from overseas and listened to every little detail about how VC started. Every emotional word was observed, and curated perfectly through their effortless styling. Their love for all things beautiful made this huge change for me seem like a simple transition. Once we met, everything was seamlessly and perfectly coordinated and styled, like they had known me and my brand for decades. Their attention to detail and simple tips are wondrous.

I can’t thank you enough for the time and effort you both invested into my brand.

I love the journey with you both so much.


- Alison Rahal / Visually Creative


It was a beautiful executed shoot!

Annie & Terrie, this creative duo, have such impeccable taste in all things branding and styling, and I just adore them and their work.


- Amanda Ngyen / Butter&

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