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We learned to listen to our hearts, and create with purpose.

Let us share our secrets, knowledge and passion in aesthetics with you, and join us in our creative journey. Let's create more intentional, captivating work, and connect with more clients and peers who share our vision and values. 




Élan VITAL masterclass: Sydney

10/7 & 10/8, Sydney, Australia

Along with Amelia Soegijono Photography, we created and designed this workshop series to inspire your inner artist and discover your voice as photographers and creatives. We will share our intentional and meaningful curation and photography approach that enables us to create unique, authentic and thoughtful designs. You will also receive the tools and insights in styling, directing, business and marketing in your pursuit of passion, dreams, and career in photography, paving your path to finding your creative edge and reaching your dream clients and partners.


I was new to fine art photography and so I arrived feeling uncertain of my own abilities. But Amelia and the Olea & Fig Team had created such an encouraging environment that we all felt safe and confident to learn and share with each other. I’ve gained so much more clarity in what I want to do next in just two days, which probably would take way much longer if I were to figure this out alone. And it doesn’t really matter how experienced you are in the industry, you will surely have something to take away. I would highly recommend Elan Vital Workshop to those who have a creative dream to pursue. It’s definitely life changing for me! I cannot thank you ladies enough for offering so much in the workshop!

I now have the confidence, as well as directions to start my flower blog/ community and will definitely keep you posted!


- Iris Cheung


Thanks to Olea & Fig Studio & Amelia for this opportunity. It was very encouraging and motivating for me personally, and as an experienced photographer, I also learned my own shortcomings and areas for improvements. Keep dreaming, Keep fighting!


- Arther Chen


This masterclass far exceeded my expectation. Thank you to Olea & Fig Studio and all the wonderful vendors for gifting us such a rewarding and profound experience on photography, our creative journey and our dream.


- Angel Cheung



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