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We learned to listen to our hearts, and create with purpose.

Let us share our secrets, knowledge and passion in aesthetics with you, and join us in our creative journey. Let's create more intentional, captivating work, and connect with more clients and peers who share our vision and values. 




Élan VITAL masterclass: Asia

7/24 & 7/25, Taipei, Taiwan

Along with Amelia Soegijono Photography, we created and designed this workshop series to inspire your inner artist and discover your voice as photographers and creatives. We will share our intentional and meaningful curation and photography approach that enables us to create unique, authentic and thoughtful designs. You will also receive the tools and insights in styling, directing, business and marketing in your pursuit of passion, dreams, and career in photography, paving your path to finding your creative edge and reaching your dream clients and partners.



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Cerate Enticing Flatlays to Impress pt. 1

Step-by-step process for architecting evoking and cohesive stories behind your flatlays that will give you the power to create visuals with unique style that truly speak you and your brand, and stand out from the crowd. (Part 1 of 2)

Cerate Enticing Flatlays to Impress pt. 2

Whether you are an event designer, photographer, calligrapher or a creator of any kind, here are all my styling tips and tricks for creating enticing flatlays that will help elevate brand and reach your clients. (Part 2 of 2)

my Word Lists for setting clear art direction

First step in becoming your own art direction, and learn to set the perfect mood & aesthetics for creating enticing visuals. Make the most of your free resources by grabbing both these word lists & Cerate Enticing Flatlays to Impress.



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