The Brilliant Collective Gathering

The Brilliant Collective Gathering

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A small get-together filled with meaningful conversations, transformative exercises, and valuable connections with like-minded women who are on similar paths as you.

Saturday, November 16th | San Mateo, CA | 9AM-12PM

Last day to access early bird special is October 23rd. Seats are limited.

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for our community of female passion-preneurs

the go-getters & action takers


You’ve been looking for new ways to grow your business and you’re ready to make positive changes

You’re looking to gain momentum to multiply growth and impact

You’re doing your best to do everything, but you now feel frustrated not seeing the results you expected

You feel stuck and not sure how and what to prioritize in your business to make progress

You’re still wondering when it’s time to quit your day job and run your business full-time

You feel overwhelmed by everything there is to do in running a business, and you want to get your life back


  • The complete map to create your extraordinary customer experience that multiply referrals

  • Our proven “inside-out” approach to strengthen every aspect of your brand

  • Actionable steps on whatever it is that you’re stuck on in your business

  • A Strategy to align your business, your target audience, and you


  • Discover how you can apply your uniqueness and strengths to your business

  • Learn strategies and tactics that moved the needle in other people’s businesses

  • Learn how to connect, market, and sell to your target audience

  • Become part of a community we are building and supporting with appreciation, pride, and gratitude.


  • Personalized consultation so you can get clarity on your biggest headache / no.1 question in your business now

Tell us your biggest question in the form at checkout. We will randomly select 2 of your questions, so you’ll have the chance to take advantage of the collective genius of the group. We’ll turn the 2 selected questions into discussion topics during the gathering so you can get some valuable advice and the answers you’ve been for!


your host

annie | olea & Fig

Hey! So I took what most people thought was the long route.

I went to school for engineering and business, and worked in tech for a while. I also side-hustled as a fashion blogger and personal wardrobe stylist to keep my creative juice flowing.

When I was working in corporate, I had always thought that I was on my path to “success”… until when I reached my breaking point.

It happened when I was in London, and the reason I planned that trip was because I knew I needed some time off. On my first day on this trip, I had a major breakdown. It hit me that my mind was never, ever on a break.

I didn’t own my time, I was never present, and I was missing everything that was meaningful to me. I wasn't living. I knew I had to make changes.


The next thing I know, I was already on this amazing venture with Terrie. By fusing my analytical background and creative passion, I found my calling in advocating for intentional businesses and passionate self-starters.

This is the reason I'm here. I want to serve the creative, courageous hearts. People like you. I want to celebrate and support your passion, your drive, and your urge to grow.


I can’t wait to meet you!


Frequently Asked Questions

If there’s an emergency and I can’t make it, can I transfer my ticket?

Yes! Please email us at least 5 days prior to the event at, and we will get you the help you need!

How long does The Brilliant Collective Gathering go for?

The gathering goes for 2 to 2.5 hours.

Anything I should prepare for prior to the event?

We will email you 2 exercises to help you get the most value out of our time together.

Will there be worksheets and printout?

Yes! You'll receive printout along with a series of exercises to help you create an actionable plan based on all of our discussions.

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