Testimonial - Style Savvy


Before coming across Olea and Fig I was lost as to where to go next with my business. The plethora of information out there was confusing, technical and didn't really resonate with me or my values. I was trying to do everything at once and not very successfully, it was overwhelming and at times frustrating. Frankly I was ready to give up defeated and put it in the "too hard basket".

Enter Annie and Terrie whose content and expertise is relatable, breaks it down into easy steps and comes from a genuine place of wanting to help and empower others through their own experience. I immediately realised these were my people and looked forward to getting their emails and updates.

By following their simple tips on brand messaging and strategies as well as differentiation, I was able to dig deeper and achieve clarity on what I actually offer and why as well as my unique background and methods of working.

It was a fresh approach and made me realise I already had it all there but needed some guidance and inspiration on pulling it together and communicating in a clearer and more authentic way.


- Diane Shaw | Style Savvy