“What’s In it for you?”, you asked…

if all you got out of this in-depth coaching was…

more time, more clarity, more money doing what you love, more confidence, more certainty, more flexibility, or more growth…

how much is it worth to you?


in-depth group coaching for women entrepreneurs who want to grow


extremely limited spots available!!

  • This is ONLY for people willing to do the following: 1) Take Action 2) Put In the Work 3) Be Coachable 4) To Connect 5) To Go the Extra Mile. If this sounds like you, The Brilliant Collective is perfect for you.

  • The Brilliant Collective is NOT for anyone whose only measuring stick to success is money. This is a group of women who all see a bigger vision and are on a mission to create a fulfilling life for themselves and impact those around them.


  1. A Completed Winning Brand Strategy - Build the inner compass & solid foundation of your business, including your differentiator, outstanding positioning in the market, clear mission & values, impressive brand style & voice, and the perfect elevator pitch that attracts & multiplies marketing. No more confusion.

  2. The 7-Step Branding Blueprint - Build a winning brand with concise marketing strategy and clear direction to grow your business.

  3. Our Proven G.I.V.E. Model to Reach Target Audience - Get inside the mind of your target customers, communicate effectively, and win them over with an experience for them that they will not stop talking about.

  4. The 3-Part Secret Weapon to Define Your Ultimate Differentiator - Create an offering so unique that it is impossible to resist, and that boosts your business and attract your perfect customers.

  5. 2-Step Brand Visual Style Hack - Define an impressive and clear brand style that people can't get enough of.

  6. Major Mindset Shift that Will Change How You Market & Sell Completely - Create clear and compelling marketing message and learn how to sell without selling out to reach and attract your dream customers.

  7. Evergreen Launch Secret - Get the exact 23-day launch calendar that we use for all successful launches.

  8. 4 Weeks of Personal Live Coaching - Take advantage of the small group setting and get actionable, personalized feedback to reach your next level success and clarity as an entrepreneur.

  9. Branding & Marketing Strategy Execution Plan - A step-by-step checklist created from reverse engineering to make sure that you are optimizing every tool, showing up where your people are gathering, and getting results.

  10. 1:1 Coaching Call - A personal call with Annie to help you implement what you learn successfully.

  11. Unlimited Direct Email Communication with Your Coach Annie - Get all of your questions answered personally by your coach throughout our 4 weeks together to help you move forward in building and finalizing a completed brand strategy at the end of the program.

  12. Lifetime Access to Live Weekly Training - Access to our Live Training twice every month to stay on track to your full potential.

  13. $150 OFF) Special Offer for Your Visual Branding Needs - Take a step further and get your logo, colors, and business stationery beautifully designed by Acétate La Boite.

  14. ($250 OFF) Special Offer for Your Brand Copywriting Needs - Take a step further an get your copywriting done cohesively and professionally with Rosewater Studio.