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7 Days to A Cohesive Brand on Instagram

In only 7 days, I’m going to give you daily assignments on how to take your Instagram to the next level, so you can FINALLY build a cohesive, beautiful, and professional looking brand for your business at the end of 7 days.

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— When does this start? —

NOW. Right now.
From what a lot of you have been telling us...
Making Instagram pretty is giving you A MAJOR HEADACHE!!
So why wait to cure your headache?

After the next 7 days, you’ll be able to FINALLY stop that mad headache!
Let’s give your Instagram a facelift so you can focus on other stuff that matters.

The BEST time to start building your brand is yesterday, the SECOND BEST time is today.

Let’s go!

— Who is this for? —

This is for you if…
you have a business and want to take your branding game to the next level

you’re already posting on Instagram for your biz and want to manage your feed like a pro with as little time as possible

you’re about to start building your brand and want to do this right and make an impression from the start!

— Why now? —

Instagram is free, and branding grows your business when done right. So why not now? You got to have a REAL good reason if you’re passing on these FREE steps & tips to get your Instagram brand look profesh!!

— List of Lessons —

Day 1: Choose Your Colors Palette Fast

Day 2: Strategize Your Story Highlights For Maximum Branding impact

Day 3: Learn the Simplest Way to Create Your Highlight Covers

Day 4: Edit Your Phone Photos Like a Pro

Day 5: Create Your Cohesive Instagram Feed

Day 6: Write Value-Adding Captions That Boost Know-Like-Trust Factor

Day 7: Plan & Systemize Like A Boss 


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Build your Instagram Brand that is beautiful, professional, and follow-worthy!!


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People who complete the challenge will get 15% off “the ultimate instagram guide”!

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