The 7 Essential Brand Elements for Small Businesses

creative direction & styling by us

creative direction & styling by us

By now, You should know that a Brand is more than just a logo, colors and business cards. And if you missed all the juicy deeds we shared two weeks ago, check out The 6 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Brand before we get into all the fun stuff!

What consist of a brand exactly? It’s all about answering the most basic, but very important questions. Once you’ve answered all these questions, you’ll have a solid foundation for your brand. Defining your Brand Direction is the hardest part of building a brand, the rest is simply execution based off of your pre-defined Brand Direction..

Let’s break this down. Here are the 7 essential elements of your Brand Direction:

  • Brand Purpose

    First, is the why’s of your business. This is more than how good of a creative you are or how much experience you’ve had. This is about why your audience needs you. What are you offering that’s missing in their life right now?

  • Brand Story

    This is what makes an engaging brand. People connect with people, definitely not with a boring business. How did you get to where you are today? Is this your calling or passion all along? Any interesting turns and major decisions you’ve made along the way? Where do you draw your inspiration and energy as a person? This is the personal journey that led to the creation of your business. Show how much you care, and your personal why’s.

    This is how you build trust and show that you’ve got your people!

  • Brand Positioning

    A.K.A. your differentiation. What makes you different from everyone else who’s offering similar products or services? Why would people choose you over anyone else? Remember this is about what value you’re adding to the existing market. To answer this critical question, you should know who you’re serving. Get as specific as possible. If you’re looking to serve everyone, you’ll end up with a mediocre brand and confusing business.

    Need some help to get started? We’ve outlined how you should go about figuring our your differentiation here.

  • Brand Mission & Brand Vision

    What are you working towards today? How about in the long run, what are you working towards 10, 20 years from now? Still not sure? Now, close your eyes and imagine yourself at your ideal job with your dream lifestyle. What do you see? And who are you serving? Why them? This last question would help you dig deeper into what you strive to do for people. Get very clear on your mission and vision. This will help you run business with focus, make effective decisions knowing where you’re heading and your end goal.

  • Brand Values

    What do you stand for? What do you value most? Your customers should always know what you stand for, both in your business and personally. This helps establish trust, and help your audience over their small-business bias. Let them know that they’re in good hands. and that you’ve got it, and that you’ve got them!

  • Brand Personality

    Imagine your brand as a character, what’s its personality? What does it make people feel? The one important thing you should know is that, for small businesses, try to instill parts of your own personality into your brand. This will make your communication so easy! If you could be yourself when you manage your brand, from writing emails, sharing on social media, to showing up in Instagram and Facebook Lives, curating and sharing these content would be so much simpler!

    And this brand character, what clothes it would wear? This is where all the visual fun stuff, including your logo, brand style, brand images, colors and font come in!

I hope this will get you started on planning for your brand! I’m so excited to see your fantastic brands coming to life!

Wondering when you should starting thinking about branding still? See this post here where we talk all about the best timing for branding.

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