The Biggest Secret to Win Large Customers

photo credit:  ComePlum  | creative direction & styling by us

photo credit: ComePlum | creative direction & styling by us

The biggest concern people have working with small business is TRUST. This is the biggest small business bias. Just think about the last time you had to choose between a more established company or 3-person business… What were the things that were holding you back from working with the small guy?

I bet one of your biggest worry was this…

“Can I trust them? Are they reliable? Will they deliver what they promised?”

Did I guess it right?

This is exactly what your potential clients are thinking. This is especially true if your target audience are other businesses.

So, how do you can help them overcome this fear and make these businesses and brands know that they’ll be in good hands with you?

1. Concise Brand Message

A.k.a. your elevator pitch. have a simple and concise message that tells people what you do and how you’re different. They need to see your differentiation immediately. Give them a good reason to choose you over that other guy who’s from an established company. You can’t be just as good, you have to be better and add more value. Otherwise, they don’t have a reason to choose you over the other guy.

2. Templates

Make professional looking PDF files of your standard service packet, pricing sheet, contracts, portfolio, look book, catalog, or FAQ. Instead of responding to these inquiries as a one-off basis each in a long email, attach these files. It shows that you’re running a company, you have standardize processes in place. These PDFs don’t have to be absolutely stunning visually, but make sure to keep them consistent and clean. Also, have them in non-working files like PDFs which look a lot more polished! (instead of PowerPoint, Excel, or Word Doc).

3. Email Address

Have a .com email address. Even though this may seem redundant especially when you’re just starting out, but it make such a big difference when it comes to people’s perception. When your potential customer is a business, this is even more crucial. This small difference in your email address makes people feel how seriously you’re taking your business, and no brand or business would trust someone who isn’t playing full out!

4. Testimonials

Get in the habit of asking clients for reviews and show them on your website and social media. People need social proof to know what you offer works and will work for them too. Always remember to ask your client a review at the the of your project or after you’ve delivered your product, and you can use this over and over again for marketing! If your customers are happy with your service or product, they would be more than happy to spend a couple minutes leaving you a wonderful review.

5. About

Have an about page that not only let people get to know you, but that also focuses on letting them know why you’re the best person to help. Instead of writing a full page of autobiography or your hobbies, focus on building rapport and showing credibility.

6. Guarantee

Every one of us is taking a risk the moment we decide to purchase something. The fact is, there is always a possibility that the product or service doesn’t work out as we expect. And that’s why it’s important to put these fear of risk at ease with a guarantee and a reasonable refund policy. As business owners, we tend to feel very uncomfortable with refund policy. But, think about this for a minute. If you know you’re doing good work and providing good product, you should have certain level of confidence that your customers are happy with what they got. (Otherwise, you might have a bigger problem, and we got to go back to the drawing board to come up with another business idea for you…) This is why there must be a creative way for you to come up with a reasonable refund policy that works for both you and your customers. This will put all of their worry at ease, because by having a guarantee and refund policy in place, it shows…

  • you are confident with what you’re promising

  • they have an alternative if you don’t deliver

This is a huge thing that many small businesses tend to overlook, but it makes a world of a difference!! It would help remove all concerns and doubts, and provides the assurance that other companies and brands need to work with a small business.

Remember, the key to booking business clients and established brands is this:

Make this question, “Can I trust you?”, completely irrelevant.