Testimonial - A Day With Flowers


I was new to fine art photography and so I arrived feeling uncertain of my own abilities. But Amelia and the Olea & Fig Team had created such an encouraging environment that we all felt safe and confident to learn and share with each other. I’ve gained so much more clarity in what I want to do next in just two days, which probably would take way much longer if I were to figure this out alone. And it doesn’t really matter how experienced you are in the industry, you will surely have something to take away. I would highly recommend Elan Vital Workshop to those who have a creative dream to pursue. It’s definitely life changing for me! I cannot thank you ladies enough for offering so much in the workshop!

I now have the confidence, as well as directions to start my flower blog/ community and will definitely keep you posted!


- Iris Cheung / A Day with Flowers

Annie Chang