Testimonial - Roa


Before I found you guys, I was clueless about how to use IG as a business marketing tool. And my branding was abit all over the place.Trying to google or search for tips via Pinterest was frustrating as it wasn't a systematic way of organising the process. it was usually just bits of information that seemed helpful rather than a structured methodology.

Right now, I am clearer about the style and direction I am going for. and you have most definitely given me good tips and visuals to follow. I also love the fact that you took the time to actually "interview" me and ask the crucial strategy questions. It not only pointed me in the right direction but also got me thinking about what I should prioritize for my business.

I just wished we lived in the same city so I could use the full sweep of services you offer! I am glad we could work together and to be honest, the time difference (between Singapore & the U.S.) didn't really matter much so that was a pleasant surprise!


- Jane Tan | Roa