7 Inexpensive Ways to Gain More Leads & Get More Clients

photo credit:  Meg Sexon  | creative direction & styling by us

photo credit: Meg Sexon | creative direction & styling by us

Still banging your head against a wall called - Marketing?? How can you get more customers? Maybe you’re just starting your business, so where do you even start to spread the word? Or maybe you’ve been getting businesses organically until this point, and now you want to take things to the next level?

Here are 7 inexpensive ways that you can start this week to make more people know about you, increase leads, and attract more customers!

#1 Influencer Marketing

I’m not referring to bloggers specifically. If you’re in the business where working with bloggers make sense, go for it! However, when I say “influencer”, I mean those that already got a big group of quality audience who you think would be your target audience, too.

For instance, if you are in the brand photography business, possible influencers may be big brands who need brand or product photos, or well-known stylists who work with brand photographers often.

If you create wall art, interior designers or gift curation brands who have engaging following may be considered.

Remember, these “big brands” or “influencers” are only an email away! Worse case scenario, they say no or don’t respond, which isn’t the end of the world, right? So, reach out, and see if you would potentially provide something from your business for free in exchange for posts or emails about you to their audience! 

One thing to note is that make sure these are brands and businesses whose audience may potentially be your clients. Do not just look at the number of followings when deciding who to reach out. Make sure you double check on how engaging their followers and who they are. Don’t get lost in the numbers game. It’s better to work with someone with 2k engaging followers who fit the profile of your dream clients than working with someone with 10k followers who just “like” every post. Increasing business leads is the goal here, not follower count which doesn’t lead to anything substantial.

#2 Giveaway Collaboration

Reach out to businesses who provide complementary services or products to yours, and create a giveaway your target audience would love and appreciate. Make sure to plan out your marketing and communication so all your partners of the giveaway is in sync, and get everyone to agree on promoting the giveaway together on specific dates. This strategy uses the power of synergy as it multiplies everyone’s audience by utilizing each partner’s existing audience. 

The key here is, again, make sure to check on these business’ following and see if these followers are your potential target audience before reaching out. Do not blindly go for brands with large following, but select them with intention because these partners need to be the ones who understand and buy in on the concept of working together to help each other grow everyone’s online presence.

#3 Special Package Collaboration

This is similar to #2 Giveaway Collaboration, but instead of giving away something for free to your audience, this is to come up with a limited time special offer with a partner who offers complementary products or services.

This is great if you provide premium products or services that involve other moving parts. For instance, if you’re an event florist, a special package may be created with a local rental company because people who are booking floral services probably also need rental services. You could provide 1 to 3 spots with a 15% discount on both services, etc.

Here’s another example. If you provide skincare products, you could work with gift box curators, local spas,  or other brands that offer wellness products and create a limited time offer together.

Set a marketing and communication plan with your partners and make sure you market this offer together on different platforms, again, to help each other grow your existing size of audience. 

#4 Create A Remarkable Customer Experience

Don’t neglect your existing customers. They are you most valuable asset. Make the experience worth talking about - from your website, email communication, first touch point on social media, to how you display your service list, your contract signing process, your payment process, the delivery of your products or services, any packaging or visual elements involved, to the after sale communication or follow up. Make the experience remarkable and memorable so they keep you on the top of their mind!

#5 Create A Remarkable Audience Experience

Add value through whichever social media platform you and your people are on. Create an experience for them that’s worth sharing with other people through your posts and videos. They are going to be your loyal friends and advocates!!

#6 Customer Referral Program

Create a referral program for all your customers, and offer incentives for them to come back and also for them to refer a friend! Your customers will be your best marketers. Do not forget the power of existing clients! Set a process, and start sending your gift / discount / bonus to your past and existing customers!

#7 Join Facebook Groups Where Other Entrepreneurs Hang Out

Join Facebook Groups where other entrepreneurs like yourself are gathering. Be mindful of not selling aggressively in the group, especially when you first join. This strategy focuses on cultivating relationships, and resorting from the power of community of like-minded. Select a handful of Facebook Groups to join, and spend 5 minutes everyday to be present with the group. Commit yourself to all the resources and advice coming from the group, you’ll receive the same commitment from the incredible people in your group!

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There you have it! 7 Inexpensive ways to draw people in and generate more leads!

Pick 2 to start and set a goal to take action this week.

Let’s go!

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