How To Make Meaningful Progress In Your Business: Our 3 Needle Moving Best Practices

photo credit:  ComePlum  | creative direction & styling by us

photo credit: ComePlum | creative direction & styling by us

You might already know this…

The key to making progress is doing the things that MATTER.

I know it sounds intuitive, and we all know this. But how come many of us still struggle with making progress, reaching that next goal for our business, and achieving our next level growth?

Like the Headless Chicken

Chances are, we never spent the time to figure out our purpose. And if we don’t know our purpose, where we’re heading, and set goals accordingly, how can we decide what are the tasks that matter?

The Problem With Internet

There are way too much information online. All the freebies, strategies, systems, and tools put us in this hamster wheel. They make us feel that we should be doing all the things, and put us in this race against our never-ending to-do list. Do you ever feel tired of always feeling like you’re behind? I did.

What I realized was that I ONLY need to do the things that matter, the things that work for OUR business. Not ALL the things.

3 Needle-Moving Best Practices

Here are the 3 needle-moving best practices that help me get things done way more effectively, and make sure that we’re always on the path forward.

1. Know your purpose: this is the fuel that drives your business, your secret to stand out and overcome any challenges and situations in your entrepreneurial journey.

2. Do only the things that matter: Pick and do only the things that align with your purpose and your business, and that add value to your audience and your brand. Don’t do all the things. Do the ones that matter.

3. Stop doing things that don’t matter: Identify the things you’re currently doing that do NOT matter. These things are costing you time, time that is better spent on doing the things that matter. In other words, these things that don’t matter are costing you opportunities and money.

Want to know the exact system we use to make sure we ONLY do the things that matter? The same system we use to prioritize, eliminate and delegate tasks? Head over to our FB Group and I’ll share more with you during this week’s live training!