What People Don't Tell You About Authenticity

photo credit:  ComePlum  | creative direction & styling by us

photo credit: ComePlum | creative direction & styling by us

Authentic [ aw-then-tik ] adjective : not false or copied; genuine; real.

Given all the chatters around this word, authenticity, I want to give some real talk here. I want to make sure you’re approaching building an authentic brand with the right mindset, and not the surface-level authenticity people are talking about - which is usually about your personal likes and dislikes.

Show Up

I’m sure you’ve heard other people talking about building an authentic brand. And these conversations usually put shame on people who are working on building a curated brand image. I get it, life isn’t perfect, and we demand brands to be more relatable. Totally makes sense. And this is why showing up as yourself for your brand is important.

Connecting Isn’t Enough. Inspire.

Although social media is an awesome place to build relationships, it also is a place to serve people genuinely. Sure, sharing unpolished details of your everyday, and your likes and dislikes, builds likability. But connecting isn’t enough. When we ask for people’s attention, we’re responsible to inspire and add value.

Sharing every single aspect of your personal life just isn’t it.

Your Why’s

You can’t create an authentic brand just sharing your unedited behind the scenes, everyday life, or personal struggles. You have to know what your beliefs are. As a person and as a business. 

You can’t be authentic if you don’t know your why’s. You have to have a purpose and a set of beliefs, which is the very reason why your business exists in the first place.

Know your why’s, and act and speak according to what you believe in - this is how you create an impactful authentic brand.

I recently finished the book, Start with Why by Simon Sinek. It’s a really incredible read, and it inspired me to write this post. If you’re like me, and also believe in the power of purpose-driven businesses and strive to live with more intention, I think you’ll really enjoy this book!