FREE Challenge: 7-Days To Your Cohesive Instagram Brand

When you scroll through those pretty pics that pop up on your Instagram, ever wonder… How the heck are these people keeping up? How do they get their feed to be so consistent? There’s no frickin way that everyone got a social media specialist managing their feed… So how do they do it?

Want to know how to build a beautiful and cohesive brand for your business?

In only 7 days, I’m going to give you daily assignments on how to take your Instagram to the next level, so you can build a cohesive, beautiful, and professional looking brand for your business at the end of 1 week. 

(Trust me, it will be other people wondering how in the world ARE YOU KEEPING UP with maintaining your incredible feed!!)

I’ve been meeting so many of you awesome boss ladies on your journey to pursuing your passion and making an impact. I heard you loud and clear — Making Instagram pretty is giving you A MAJOR HEADACHE!!

After the next 7 days, you’ll be able to FINALLY stop that mad headache!

Here are 2 examples to show you what’s possible for you!!

All of these are phone photos, and we edited and planned them ONLY with our phones.

instagram brand_ olea & fig
instagram brand_ olea & fig

So, you in? Here are the details…

FREE 7-Day Instagram Challenge: 7 Days to A Cohesive Brand on Instagram

— When does this start? —

NOW. Right now. Why wait to cure your headache? Let’s give your Instagram a facelift so you can focus on other stuff that matters. The BEST time to start building your brand is yesterday, the SECOND BEST time is today.

Let’s go!

— Who is this for? —

This is for you if…

a) you have a business and want to take your branding game to the next level

b) you’re already posting on Instagram for your biz and want to manage your feed like a pro with as little time as possible

c) you’re about to start building your brand and want to do this right and make an impression from the start!

— Why now? —

Instagram is free, and branding grows your business when done right. So why not now? You got to have a REAL good reason if you’re passing on this free challenge to get your Instagram brand look profesh!!

— How do I join? —

It’s super simple. All you need to do is:

1. Set up a Instagram account if you haven’t done it already.

2. Join our Facebook Group today! We’ll create an Event & Discussion over there to help with all your questions!

3. Make sure you sign up for the challenge HERE. I’ll email you daily assignment for 7 days ONLY if you register to join the challenge. Make sure to sign up! 

4. Do all the assignments and have an amazing time!!

5. Feel free to ask any questions ANYTIME over at Facebook Group OR reply to any of our emails.

Sign Up For The Challenge HERE:

Challenge starts Monday, July 22nd.

Remember, Here Are Your Prize:

People who complete the challenge will get 30% off our Intagram Brand Building Playbook (releasing on Monday 7/29!)

We’ll also pick one person to have a personal 1-hour coaching call (value $500).

— List of Lessons —

Day 1: Choose Your Colors Palette Fast

Day 2: Strategize Your Story Highlights For Maximum Branding impact

Day 3: Learn the Simplest Way to Create Your Highlight Covers

Day 4: Edit Your Phone Photos Like a Pro

Day 5: Create Your Cohesive Instagram Feed

Day 6: Write Value-Adding Captions That Boost Know-Like-Trust Factor

Day 7: Plan & Systemize Like A Boss 

Once you sign up to join this 7-Day Challenge HERE, you’ll get daily notifications with assignments in your inbox starting on Monday July 22nd!

Get ready to transform your Instagram and build an Instagram Brand that is beautiful, professional, and follow-worthy!!


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