TOP 5 Visual Content Ideas for Your Instagram Feed

photos by us | all taken & edited with smart phones

photos by us | all taken & edited with smart phones

After talking about focusing on doing ONLY the things that matter (READ HERE), this week, I want to help eliminate your headache and time wasted on creating social media content for your brand (which I know is the biggest energy wasters for a lot of you!) More specifically, the different photo ideas that add value to your Instagram Brand.

The whole point of using Instagram for your brand is to make people know you, like you, and trust you. It’s NOT your portfolio, which is what your website is for. Instagram should be the platform for people to develop their emotional connection with you. Let them know you and take them onto this journey with you!

Here’s a list of photos content ideas to include, and this work for both product and service businesses.

Visual Content Idea #1 Photos of You

Have a gallery of your portrait! If you don’t have these photos handy, this can simply be done with iPhone with great lighting. I recommend the iPhone Portrait Mode if you have that option (Thanks to technology). These are not photos of you looking down or to the side, or you from far far away. There should be a couple where you look into the camera. Let people know and feel that you’re genuinely passionate about showing up for them!

Visual Content Idea #2 Work In Progress

This is to take people behind the scenes. If you’re a maker, you can show photos of some half-completed work or close-up of the materials you use. For these photos, share information and knowledge that you’re audience may find helpful to establish trust. This type of photos also is a great way to demonstrate transparency, integrity and thoughtfulness as a brand.

Visual Content Idea #3 Personal Life (with boundaries)

The goal of posting this type of photos is to establish know-like-trust factor. People connect with people, and YOU are who people connect with, not your business. Photos of things that carry special meaning to you can help delivering your story.

And I know, most of us don’t like to over share and struggle with finding the perfect blend and balance between our business and personal stories. I always say, imagine you’re meeting a new friend in a coffee shop. Show up online however you’d share with this new friend. Keep this category natural, friendly, and not overt the top or tedious. 

(i.e. the beautiful sky today or a cute coffee shop you visited that inspires you would be more applicable than your late night dinner on a Thursday night - the concept here isn’t how “curated” the photos are, but filter out what would be a little too personal to share with a new friend you like!)

Visual Content Idea #4 Your Work

Most of you might already be sharing this. While it’s also a great type of photos to include, I would recommend to cut this down to only 50 to 60 percent of your gallery. Show ONLY your best work and not every single one of them, and show the different details, angles, or variety worth highlighting! The complete collection of your work should be listed on your website instead.

Visual Content Idea #5 Graphics With Words

This is a great way to introduce negative space in your gallery and build in cohesiveness. This is simply a square background in white, or any color that represents your brand best, with a quote, a thought, or a simple tip on top. For this type of post, you can expand upon the idea in your caption and share more insights about it. This is a great way for people to know what you stand for, your beliefs, and your expert knowledge.

There you have it! The 5 Visual Content Idea that help grow your brand and build relationship on Instagram. Today is day 1 for you to start strategize your Instagram photos to you’ll never run out of ideas and content for your feed!