3 Types of Captions To Boost Know-Like-Trust Marketing

photo credit:  Sara Weir  | creative direction & styling by us

photo credit: Sara Weir | creative direction & styling by us

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This week I want to speak to my non-copy writer friends here!I think you’ll like this one!

You know those times when you literally feel like you got nothing good to say? You got only 10 minutes left before your next meeting or just 15 minutes in the car waiting to pick up your kiddos, and you feel like you gotta post something to your Instagram but you got NOTHING…

Yep, I get that. That used to happen to me between the end of my work day and right before dinner. I felt like I needed to keep my marketing going on Instagram, keep that engagement going and make sure I’m present for my followers, but my mind went blank.

You know that feeling? Today, I’m going to give you our 3-P’s Caption Bucketing System that we use to create and plan for our Instagram and Facebook captions!

Ready to get your time back and finally start writing some fun and engaging content for your people?? Here we go!!

The 3-P’s Caption Bucketing System

You probably have heard of the marketing know-like-trust factor. And if you haven’t yet, that’s why we’re here! It’s basically the main reason and the biggest goal of all social media, so your people can get to know you, like you, and trust you and finally become your loyal customers and your best advocates!

Using this know-like-trust principle, we created our 3-P’s Caption Creation System, and came up with 3 content buckets.

Caption Bucket #1 Something Personal:

Goal - Boost Know Factor.

Let people get to know you, post by post. People connect with people, not with brands or businesses. Show up in front of your brand, show up for your audience! Tell them how your amazing business started, take them back and onto your journey. Talk about your first memory when you discovered this thing you love so deeply and that drives you everyday. Share the hardest decision you had to make, or a lesson you learned this week. And share something non-work related occasionally, like your likes and dislikes, and your life as a maker, an entrepreneur, a stay home mom, a working mom, lady boss!

This is how people start building that strong bond with you, people to people. 

Caption Bucket #2 Something You’re Passionate About:

Goal - Boost Like Factor.

You’re business is a tool for your to serve your people, fulfill your purpose, and live a fulfilling life you love. You’ve put your heart and soul into your business. You’ve crafted all the incredible offer for the people you serve, and you’re in the process of brewing up more ideas that you’re crazy excited about for them. Instead of being salesy and pushy, which I know you definitely DO NOT want, I want you to share passionately.

If you indeed believe you’re putting the best work you could out there that could help people and add value to their lives, you’re work deserves to be seen and it deserves you to share passionately! Choose ONE thing you’re working on, and tell people why you’re so excited about this and why you wanted to bring this new product, promotion, service package, or launch to them! Tell it like you’re sharing your new favorite movie or restaurant (Yup, you know you do it. We all do. We all got that incredible salesmanship in us!).

Speak from your heart, come from an authentic and passionate place, trust me, you’ll sound SO darn persuasive to anyone!

Caption Bucket #3 Something That Helps With Pain:

Goal - Boost Trust Factor

Share something that is valuable to your people and that helps with their biggest headache, something that is keeping them up at night. These can be tips, systems, strategies, steps, or even answers the most commonly asked questions that are related to your products or services. The key here is to think in their shoes and get to know their biggest pain point. By sharing helpful information, post by post, you are building their trust in you over time and you’re proving how helpful you are!


There you go, rotate these 3 buckets when you write your posts. I hope you already got lots of ideas by now. Always remember the 3P’s, and keep adding value, post by post!

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How was that? Easier than you thought, right?

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Today is your day, it’s your day to start writing your first value-adding post!