Overcoming Insecurity, Doubt & Fear In Your Business

photo credit:  Nina Ruth Photography  | creative direction & styling by us

photo credit: Nina Ruth Photography | creative direction & styling by us

Remember that time after a long catchup over brunch, how you felt like you’re behind other people and that you haven’t been doing enough?

Or that late night after spending an hour on your phone and seeing how great other people’s businesses are doing, how you started questioning if you took the right path or if you’re even good enough?

How about that afternoon after you binged on all the free webinars and freebie downloads? You thought you did the right thing making the time to learn, but finished feeling so overwhelmed, thinking maybe you just can’t handle all of this, and couldn’t stop but wondering if it was too naive to think that you could build a business doing what you love…

I think you know what I’m talking about. That voice of self-doubt inside your head that creeps in whenever it wants. And let me tell you, I’ve been there, and I got tons of stories about how insecure and worried I was from when I quit my 6 figure corporate job, and also when were first started Olea & Fig (I’ll save this for our #RealTalkWednesday over at our FB Group.)

Self-doubt is the biggest thing that’s holding people from succeeding, in work and in life. Plus social media certainly hasn’t made it easy for small business owners.

Because we knew self-doubt and insecurity is toxic and a ticking bomb for our business growth, we created a set of rules inside of Olea & Fig that helps us turn all that negative energy into self-confidence, abundance and momentum… Every. Single. Day.

You CAN own the abundant confidence and certainty you deserve, and keep growing your business and passion.

Here are your 7 abundance practices:

Focus on Your Why’s, All The Time

When you’re facing any challenge or opportunity, when you’re at any turn, and when you’re making any crucial decision, come back to your why’s. Always.

Hold on to the reason why you started this business, and the changes or transformation you want to bring to your people. Whenever you’re confused, this comes in handy. It helps you get laser focused and make decisions that best align with your personal values and mission and the people you serve.

Strive to Add Value everyday

On your planner, the top of your calendar, white board, or whatever planning tool you use to start your every day, write this down - “Add Value Everyday!” - and make sure this is on your to-day list everyday.

This is an amazing way to train your brain to think abundantly, and a great way to build up your feel-good energy. Knowing that YOU made an impact and helped someone today also helps remind you that you are doing your best and someone experienced that! And that’s more than enough. Get into the habit of adding value to someone, even if it’s just one person each day, and the value to add can be done through your work or as small as a simple gesture of kindness.

Step Back & Refocus 

This one is especially helpful when you start to feel that your passion is becoming pressure for you. Give yourself permission to step back and reassess where you are. Remember your why’s, your purpose, and people you serve, and reassess the situation you’re in. Is it worth your time and energy to worry about? Or is this a comparison game you voice of self-doubt made up? Be very honest with yourself, and reset your focus back to why you’re doing what you.

Think bigger. Think about the big picture, your long-term gaol, your Brand Strategy (click here to see the first step to map out your Brand Strategy).

Strive to Be The Best for YOUR People

Everything always comes back to YOUR PEOPLE. Your business is created for them, to help them overcome their challenges and get to where they ultimately want to go. Keep your people in mind (click here to read about How to Define Your Niche), and become the best in the market at serving their specific needs (click here to learn How to Find Your Strong Positioning).

Let go of any worry to have x number of followers or likes or to be featured on certain publication -- those are merely tactics and gimmicks that are not supported by a holistic brand strategy, which is what truly matters to your business growth.

Ask for Help

When in doubt, ask for help! While social media isn’t helping in the self-confidence arena, it’s an awesome free tool to connect with your peers and people you look up to. Don’t be afraid to reach out to peers and mentors for advice. When you think of the worst case scenario, it’s just getting either a “no” or no response - which puts you at the exact same spot as you currently are anyway, cause nothing happened and nothing’s happening. Right?

So, when you need advice, reach out to people, sign yourself up for webinars and resources. The information and network is out there in your reach. It’s up to you to pick and choose.

And when you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks at hand, it’s time to think about getting a virtual assistant or a partner on board. You do NOT have to do all the things, do ONLY the things that matter. 

Limit Time Browsing Online

This one works extremely well for me personally. To start, set a timer and restrict your time on social media to 20 to 30 minutes max. (Go to Instagram > Settings > Your Activity > Set Daily Reminder). You can increase this time later after once you no longer feel the negative energy from social media. Take care of yourself first.

Your Monthly Wins

Document your monthly wins. Make a note of your wins, big or small, every time. People often forget to celebrate the good things, the victories, and tend to focus on losses. Turn that around and celebrate all the amazing things you’ve achieved. Don’t hold back! Embrace your journey and be proud of how far you’ve come.

Abundance is infectious. Practice thinking abundantly, be proud of your own journey and be happy for other people’s success. And if you’re feeling worn out and feeling negative energy creeping in, give yourself permission to take a break, step back, and refocus!

Welcoming abundance and make it your daily practice will only bring your more opportunities that exceed your expectation into your life and your business. 

Need a little advice or help on your journey building your business? We get it, and we’re here for you. Shoot me a message on Instagram where I hang out most, maybe we can help!