The 3-Step Formula to Identify Your Niche

photo credit:    Kylee Yee  | creative direction & styling by us

photo credit: Kylee Yee | creative direction & styling by us

How to make people want what you got and actually say yes?

Speak to the right people, a.k.a. your niche, your tribe, your ideal customers.


The 3-Step Formula I’m sharing applies to everything you do and offer in your business - from crafting your winning marketing pitch, rolling out a new service or product, creating your unique customer experience, to marketing through emailing, blogging and social media… all of it. 

If you’re speaking to the right crowd with what they care about, they would, without a doubt, follow you on social media, sign up for your newsletter, subscribe to your blog, and say YES to your offer.

Here are the 3-Step Formula to define your tribe: Answering The 3 P’s


No, we’re not going to do the traditional marketing avatar for this exercise. Instead, focus on your people’s psycho-graphic - their world view, their values, the issues they care about, their lifestyle, where they go to get information, their sentiment and general attitude about the industry you’re in, etc. 


What is keeping them up at night? What concerns and questions do they have when they are looking for the services or products you offer? Anything they are particularly unhappy about? Thinking about their struggles and headaches.


What are they passionate about in life? Think about the transformation they want with the type of products or services you provide, and also think of the transformation they wish to have in life beyond your industry. This will help you see ultimately what they want and where they want to go. Often times, when it comes to marketing your services, what matters most might be where your people want to go on a higher level instead of the specific things you offer. (i.e. people don’t want a workout plan, they want things like a healthier lifestyle, to look good, to lose 50 lbs.)


When you answer the 3 P’s, be very concise. 

You can’t be everything to everyone. When you keep it vague and confuse people, you lose them.


Now, here’s a bonus. Let’s get even more precise. Answer the following:

Who are you leaving out?

You can’t be everything for everybody. So who are NOT your ideal clients. It’s time to get transparent and get clear on who you’re willing to leave out. These are not your people, and you can now stop worrying about meeting their needs. 

Your ideal customers need to know that they ARE exactly who you want to serve. When you can speak to the right people about their pain and passion in their language, they would be so eager to hear how you can help! 

The goal is to do things simpler, smarter, and better. Apply these 3P’s across your business and provide them an extraordinary unforgettable experience!

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