Still Wondering If You Got Your Branding Down? Here's A Band Strategy Checklist

photo credit:  Sara Weir Photography  | creative direction & styling by us

photo credit: Sara Weir Photography | creative direction & styling by us

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a go-getter who just started your business or a driven entrepreneur who already got your business up and running! Either way, it’s so awesome that you’re taking action and making positive changes towards your dreams and goals. 

Thanks for being you and being a brave soul!

Now that you already know the keys to launching successfully, click here to get access The Complete Marketing Map For A Successful Launch and The Biggest 6 Launching Marketing Mistakes, how do you keep that momentum going? How about nurturing your brand and growing your audience? How do you stand out from all these people who do what you do with YOUR brand?

Not knowing where to invest your time and money, and how to prioritize to build a brand that works around your business? I know building a brand can seem so chicken and egg. Should you focus on your customers or what you like? And how about the uncertainty feeling like your branding is always changing because you just can’t find something that “sticks”? Or perhaps you’ve been thinking about branding or rebranding, but you feel stuck?

Many people are in the same boat as you! To start, let me first break these down for you.

Here are the relationships among your business, marketing and your brand:

Your business is a mechanism that allows you to do what you love, to make a difference through your gifts, and to add meaning to you and your people’s lives through what you believe in.

Marketing is your effort to multiply the impact and changes you’re here to make. Marketing is how more people get to benefit from you and enjoy what you do.

Your Brand is more than a logo. A Brand is the sum total of all your marketing, people’s experience with you, and people’s perception of you. It’s a promise to the people you’re serving. Your brand is what people think and say your are, not who you think you are. Perception is the most important thing that matters. How you define your brand does not matter if people don’t feel the same way about your brand.

If a brand is so much more than just the look and logo of a business, how do you know you’ve set up your Brand Strategy correctly?

Here’s an overview of The Brand Strategy Checklist:

Brand Foundation

  1. Brand Vision 

  2. Brand Mission

  3. Brand Value

  4. Brand Message

  5. Brand Positioning 

  6. Brand Story

  7. Brand Personality

Brand Visual Design

  1. Brand Mood Board

  2. Brand Logo & Submark

  3. Brand Colors

  4. Brand Font

  5. Website

  6. Brand Photos

  7. Business Stationery

Brand Experience Strategy

  1. Customer Experience

  2. Content Marketing

  3. Community Engagement

  4. Marketing & Advertising

This should give you a good idea on what’s still missing in your strategy and what to tackle next!

Still wondering if your brand is working? Or if your brand strategy is on the right track?

Click here and get your free access to a 5 Minute Brand Health Check. Let’s get this one thing off your plate, and help you get some certainty around your brand!