Don't Make These 6 Huge Marketing Mistakes When Launching

photo credit:  Andriya Rances  | creative direction & styling by us

photo credit: Andriya Rances | creative direction & styling by us

If you’re a go-getter running a business, I’m sure you are no stranger to an unsuccessful launch. And I want to first celebrate how courageous you are! And although your launch didn’t turn out as you hoped, I know you did your very best, and that’s absolutely worth celebrating!

Here’s the thing. Launching is a tactic (click here to learn the KEY distinction between Strategy vs. Tactics), and it should be used with an overall strategy in place for your business, so you don’t end up doing all the busy activities that are totally NOT effective. Today, you’ll get to see your past launches very differently, and know what to fix and improve to make your next launch work, FINALLY!

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The Biggest 6 Launch Mistakes People Make 

Mistake #1: You executed your launch as a one-time event

Launches are ongoing efforts. Any business should be launching something on an ongoing basis. Think of your favorite brands, both service and product businesses. Do you receive emails or see social media posts from them on a regular basis about upcoming promotions or new products or services?

All successful businesses focus on the entire customer journey. Instead of treating each launch as an one-time event, they focus on building an overall strategy, the overall customer journey, to take them from one sale to another, from one funnel to another, or from one platform to another. Remember, it’s always easier to sell to existing customers than to acquire a new customer. Which makes it even more important that you have an overall strategy when it comes to your launches. The overall launch strategy involves what people call marketing or sales funnel (will save this for another upcoming post!), and it helps you see the bigger picture and building out your multiple launches strategically and effectively so they all funnel into your best and most profitable offer. 

Mistake #2: You did not market to your existing network

Like I mentioned, it’s always easier to sell to existing customers, past clients and even partners. Don’t forget the powerful network at your fingertips. Plus, you already have a relationship with them, and the trust is already there. Let your existing audience know about your exciting launch before the actual launch, and let them feel your excitement. Build anticipation in your trusted network before the launch, and let them be your best advocates in spreading the words for you!

Also, don’t forget to use the power of influence. There’s always someone in our reach that we look up to, who already have a solid group of audience. Reach out to them and tell them about your incredible launch, tell them why you think their audience can benefit from it, and see if they’re willing to help! You got nothing to lose by asking. :)

Mistake #3 You rushed it

Did you plan it it properly? Did you make a checklist? Did you make a marketing plan? How about the content plan? Or did you rush it?

It’s always helpful to reflect back on our launches and answer these questions. You can’t rush a launch, because if you do, people feel it. Just like how you can’t rush a relationship; who would commit to a serious relationship when they feel pressured? Am I right? 

Have your marketing funnel planned out properly, and then build your launches accordingly. Like we always say, know who your target audience is and have a big picture strategy to make sure you’re doing only things that are effective and that move the needle. It will save you lots of failed launches. (Click here to learn How to Identify Your Niche).

Mistake #4: You asked too much from people

This applies especially when you are planning your launch as an one-time event. Remember that many people are in contact with you for the very first time. You guys just met, and you can’t expect them to marry you right away, right? Customers and relationships need to be nurtured before people would even consider your offer. Again, launching should be an ongoing effort, and lots of testing, tweaking and iteration are involved. 

When people don’t purchase this time doesn’t mean they won’t next time. And it’s your responsibility to make sure that when they are ready to purchase and need their problem solved, you are the one that comes to mind!

Mistake #5 You are using the wrong metric to judge the success of the launch

Launching is an ongoing effort, so you need to take into account of how each launch is also adding value to your next launch. The people who didn’t commit to this launch might commit the next one, or the one after. Create your effective marketing funnel, and build the right processes in place for all your launches so you can measure both your ongoing nurturing effort (email subscribers and new social media followers) and actual sales from each launch to be your overall success.

Mistake #6 You didn’t plan what comes after the launch

Every launch should be connected and one launch should lead to another. When you plan a launch, remember to think about where you want your new followers and subscribers to go to next and how you want to nurture your relationships so they next time you launch, they are ready to commit!

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